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Heroes for all seasons

The business world is an exciting place to be. It is full of surprises, unplanned twists and unpredictable happenings. Much can be planned and a great deal can be avoided, but one factor remains pivotal to the system:

The human factor

Ultimately, it is people that keep certain things moving and stop other things in their tracks.
We devote all our passion to this one critical consideration. Quite simply, people find us good – because we are experts at finding people.

We find and recommend experts who ride heroically to the rescue whenever and wherever they are needed.

As part of the Kerkhoff Group with quite outstanding references and a comprehensive service portfolio, we know what makes businesses tick, markets respond and processes work.

With extensive experience and personal contacts with clients on both sides of the table, we are able to locate the right experts for you quickly and efficiently – whether you need to reinforce technical or managerial areas temporarily or permanently, fill key vacancies or fulfil company succession plans.

We bring together what belongs together.

For our corporate clients

You are looking for an experienced partner who will be fully committed to you – and we love a challenge. We are genuine team players who have the best contacts to ‘heroes for all seasons’.

Since we operate at the sharp end, we recognise corporate hot spots and areas that need improvement – and as an integral part of the Kerkhoff Group, we can always draw on 20-plus years of consultancy experience and the combined expertise of partner companies.

This makes us your experts when it comes to filling managerial positions permanently or temporarily.

Our track record speaks for itself – especially in the areas of operations, finance and controlling and general management.

For our experts

Just as a good script appeals to an actor, you are open to new projects and keen to apply yourself and your skills. You are also well aware of your strengths and your market value.

As the first port of call for placing established experts in the fields of operations, finance and controlling and general management, we can offer numerous exciting projects and vacancies in midmarket enterprises.

With links to the many business areas of the Kerkhoff Group, we are expanding our network and broadening our client base. In this way, we plan to keep on offering you absorbing prospects for the future.

What sets us apart


As a specialist, we understand the requirements of our customers. We convert those needs into ultra-modern matching algorithms that pinpoint heroes with just the right superpowers.

Experience sets us apart, and experience also characterises the interim managers we recommend to fill your vacant technical and managerial positions. We help you fill key positions with permanent managers – and to ensure smooth successions, we offer you access to the combined expertise of the Kerkhoff Group whenever you need it.


We never lose sight of the goal. As professionals, we act methodically, always looking at the big picture. We work persistently towards the ideal solution, not stopping until the mission is accomplished.

We consider the person behind the position. More than the bits, bytes and algorithms of our extensive database, we trust to our instincts and our selection process – which is admittedly sophisticated and multi-tiered. In this way, we guarantee to find the ideal candidates for your needs. Our focus remains on the person: after all, we are in the business of placing real personalities.


Being at the top means showing your strength day after day. Just like our candidates, we apply our superpowers in the service of our clients – with dedication, passion and a genuine love of the job in hand.

Given that our demands are unashamedly high, we focus on the person behind the position. In our mutual interest, we devote a lot of time to the selection process – especially with applicants we have not previously collaborated with. This level of diligent preparation benefits everyone involved and ensures we will continue to perform strongly and do a convincing job on your behalf.


Success is never a coincidence. Invariably, it is devoted effort and unique approaches that bring about the fast results required.

When the hero arrives, we are amazed at what they achieve. Although we work fast, we never feel the pressure to perform – even when the going gets tough. We keep sight of the big picture, and help you realise it in a measured, effective way. Whether you need a single interim manager or a high-performing interim team – we are standing by whenever expertise, leadership and implementation skills are urgently required.


Our team works in a measured and accommodating way for the organisation, achieving the most ambitious goals and overcoming the seemingly insurmountable. Our sense of what is needed where and when is what sets us apart.

Very often, you need to look outside to realise where to apply the right personnel resources. We always focus on the two sides and the task before us, without losing sight of the personality of the manager. Both sides expect to be evaluated with sensitivity and instinctiveness; in the end, we are dealing with pressing problems, so any intervention from outside must harmonise with your team and your processes – from a technical and a human viewpoint.


When you work hard, you can be proud of what you achieve. Read for yourself what others say about us and what we do. We also have various media to peruse online.

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Yurda Burghardt

I am the Managing Director of Kerkhoff Experts. My dedicated team and I discover talented individuals and personalities for our customers.

I look forward to personal exchanges with you.